Our Environment

Recycling in Brunei

Every consumer and end users have been asking what Interhouse do with obsolete or unsuable items in our office. In actual fact, we turn these items into a reycler who in turns pack them into containers to be shipped to plans that reuses plastics, metals, chemicals and others.

To ensure our previous environment in Brunei are protected from pollution and tehnology waste, we ensure every measure have been revised. After all, its our next generation who will enjoy from our commitment today.  

Further in our enchancement of services, we have been commit to trade ins, Take back program and invitation to recycle locally on any Canon Products that are no longer in service or repairable.

If your Canon product is no longer working, a repair might be an option for you. We offer reasonably-priced repairs on many models even long after they stop being sold. 

Take Back Program - Free!
We provide a free courtesy product Take Back Program for the recycling of Canon hardware, software, accessories, and rechargeable batteries. In addition, we will also accept at our service center used cartridges, unusable machines and expired consumables from consumers who have also purchased any Canon Products.

Interhouse Recycle locally and responsibly**
If you'd like to recycle your Canon products locally, drop by at our location. We recommends that you use a recycler with a commitment to supporting environmental stewardship by handling the donated material in a responsible way.